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15 years generating valuable experiences for companies and people, to improve actions and opportunities that enhance their talents and skills.
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Living Group International, tools to improve quality of life, effectiveness and results.
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Effective decision making and taking actions with focus, determination and strategy.


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We develop experiential activities with effective tools to enhance the taking of responsible and strategic actions.

What do
we offer?

Through our C3 Strategic Model, we were able to deliver solutions to work teams and people, who, by appropriating them, have managed to reach a higher level.


Culture We create habits and behavioral trends to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.


Change We reinforce responsible actions determined to change, to goals and challenges to moving forward.


Communication We strengthen styles in internal and external communications.

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We get companies and people to recognize where they are and what has led them to that point, responding to... why are they there?, and for what? and how? they do what they do every day.
In continuity, we lead them to mobilize actions, that is, we develop tools that reinforce existing actions, motivating them to create new actions with determination and purpose.
The cycle closes when we guide them in the internalization of effective actions, taken with responsibility and perspective.